Dr. John Tantillo’s
College Lecture Series:
Go Brand Yourself!
How to Get The Job You Want
In Today’s Challenging Economy
Why Book The “Go Brand Yourself For Getting a Job Lecture Series?”

  • Differentiate your career placement program.
  • Equip your students with the knowledge, insights, competitive-edge and enthusiasm that will make them stand out in the post-graduation job market
  • Underscore your career placement program’s proactive approach and commitment to tangible action and outcomes for all stakeholders:
    • Parents;
    • Administration decision makers;
    • Faculty.
  • Take the fear out of the career placement process and replace it with hope, excitement and empowerment
  • Position your career placement office and your school as a thought leader within this space
Why Dr. Tantillo?

  • Branding and marketing Expert who has the experience to assess your student’s needs, address their concerns, arm them with marketplace advantages and inspire them
  • TV and Radio Personality who knows how create stimulating content that will resonate with your students and strengthen them as job seekers
  • Former university professor who understands how to communicate with students on their level
  • Author of the Book, “People Buy Brands Not Companies,” a work which outlines the concepts needed to ensure job market success
  • An Applied Research Psychologist who brings academic credibility and many decades as a corporate executive to the table
  • A columnist for FoxNews.com, go-to commentator for the BBC and widely-respected marketing expert who has his finger on the job market pulse and can convey this knowledge to your students